It is important to inform companies that our unique service is provided with huge technical challenges.

To print individualised magazines are an enormous task.

A magazine`s pages are individually designed and then positioned in software to ensure that the pages will print and bind in the correct sequence.

Graphic designers do the artwork for each page. A magazine of 120 pages may have 2 graphic designers working on it. (Each designer might for example be responsible for 60 pages)

At the end of the process, the artwork of 120 pages are positioned into the software and 30 000 plus copies are printed of the original 120 designed pages.

The CSE project is unique. We design one page to be printed once! A client receives one magazine. We therefore have to design 4 individual pages to be printed on the cover of one magazine for one special client.

If CSE print 20 000 magazines, we have to design 80 000 individual pages. We developed specialized software to make such features possible. It will be possible to print 60 000 magazines with the software available, in other words 240 000 individual designs.


Motor client’s magazines

It is worth explaining some of the technical challenges regarding the designs. The software is designed to support motor Sales Executives (as this brings in funding to maintain the infrastructure needed to support fundraising).

There are numerous focus points on the four individual pages per magazine. (Cover page, inside front page, inside back page and the back cover page)

We don’t want to involve you with all the technical detail, but if we give you an overall view, you will have a better understanding why services can’t be offered to unlimited companies.

For example, there are literally hundreds of vehicle models. The content (press release detail) of the vehicles will be valid for short periods, because of new models introduced regularly. We have to include pictures (that the manufacturer supplies) with the editorial detail about the vehicle. We also have to print a write-up about the Sales Executive based on four personality types. (All on one page)

The write-up about the Sales Executive also needs to be updated on a monthly basis. For example, if we write about the Sales Executive’s little daughter Amy, who is 9 months old, we need to update it in the following month’s magazine that Amy is 10 months old!

We are gearing up to support +1 400 motor Sales Executives nationally selling all the major vehicle brands. We therefore need to manage 5 600 editorials about the Sales Executives. Those editorials must be linked to hundreds of vehicle models that are available.

Accommodation industry magazines

To implement such a support plan for the accommodation magazines is also a complicated task. To explain that let us use the media campaign page (back inside cover) and the back cover page as example.

Challenges of printing the back cover page ad: CSE will receive perhaps 15 sole mandate properties to advertise for one property branch. The branch may have 9 accommodation company partners in its marketing area. The accommodation partners could order 65 magazines in total, and the 65 magazines is a combination made up of 21 different magazine titles.

The 15 sole mandate properties are marketed between 7 estate agents. If you open the back-page ad you will view a picture of one property, with relevant detail such as price, area etc. You will also see that an agent needs to be contacted to arrange viewing.

The CSE software will have to plan that the 15 sole mandate properties are advertised into all the accommodation partnering companies’ magazines, and that it is spread amongst all the magazine titles.


You will also view text on the back page where we refer to the owner of the guesthouse!

The back page content also needs to line-up with the inside back page where the media campaign is printed. (The inside back page editorial refer back to the property branch owner)

The inside back page also must print only information of physiotherapists that are situated in the accommodation company’s geographical area!

To print 4 individualised pages into one magazine and ensure everything is related is a HUGE HUGE challenge….One has to remember that CSE also needs to administrate 21 magazine titles that differ in design and size. Click on Magazine options to view the list of magazine titles.

Production challenges

CSE Services prepare to print up to 20 000 individualised magazines within a 5 day window period! We can go up to 50 000 magazines, depending on the support structure we have.

It is one thing to prepare the artwork for the covers; it is another to actually print the cover page and to put it onto a magazine!

It is laboured intense. Software makes most of the work possible. You must understand that each magazine we produce also need hand labour.

To print a normal magazine, the printers include in their setup planning what they call waste. They will for example print 1000 copies more than ordered. The printers need to get the colour balancing of their printing machines in order, before they start to print the content on paper on a large scale. They must also align the binding machines so that the covers line up perfectly with the content pages inside the magazines. Now they can start with the binding process.

Strategic business partners

CSE use two strategic partners for the project

C2 Digital Printers

CSE supply C2 Digital Printers with all the artwork of the individualized magazines. C2 Digital Printers print one cover that must be glued and bounded onto one magazine. The magazine thereafter needs to be trimmed.

It is specialized labour intense work and one binding machine with an operator is only able to produce + 350 magazines per day.

C2 Digital Printers use different binding companies in the Western Cape for the project. It will be pushing all the companies to their production limits when we need to print and bind 50 000 individualized magazines in one week.

Bernard Hendricks and his team at C2 Digital Printers are truly special people with a passion to help the patients. They are tasked with the most challenging part of the project.

C2 Digital Printers also offers 2.5% on quotations that they receive via the CSE infrastructure to the Home Care Foundation. Management of CSE has been working with the printing industry (other projects) since 2006. Although most of the printing companies offer excellent services, it is not often that you meet a team as dedicated as the people working at C2 Digital printers.

We can without any doubt recommend the company. We will also appreciate it if companies might need business cards, flyers or any other print related work, to ask for none obligated quotation. Please send a mail to C2 Digital via the link. C2 Digital Printers will deliver nationally.

The Home Care Foundation will appreciate the additional income. Remember, that every little amount we can raise will help us in future. We work hard to earn as little as R10 per action.

The motor industry and the property industry’s magazines will in future be produced on a daily basis, except during one week’s printing schedules that are earmarked for the accommodation industry. The accommodation industry’s magazines needs to be completed within a week, to ensure that Courier IT deliver the magazines to the accommodation companies on the same day the magazines become available in outlets for the public to purchase.

The production process will reach its critical mass during 2016. The motor and property companies’ magazines will be put on hold during the week that we produce magazines for accommodation partners.

Courier IT

There is also a huge infrastructure needed to ensure that the individualized magazines reach their destinations. (One magazine to one client) Our service will not be possible if we can’t rely on Courier IT to deliver the magazines at their destinations.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Giovanni Contaldi and the team at Courier IT for their support. Without their help the entire project would have been impossible to do.



CSE developed the software to make the impossible possible, but even with the software we will have to plan very well to be able to support a limited number of companies to increase business.

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