CSE developed advanced magazine publishing technology that we use to print individualized magazines for valued clients of companies. We also use restaurant partners who will treat your clients and focus on making them feel valued on your behalf.

We specialize in business strategies that encourage clients to recommend your services/Sales Executives to their friends and families. (Increase “Word of mouth” marketing)

According to research by WOMMA (the Word of Mouth Marketing Association), the best Sales Executives outsell the average Sales Executives 57 : 1.

In today’s challenging business environment, it is essential for every Sales Executive striving to be amongst the best in their industry, to build a solid satisfied client base that does repeat business with them and provides constant referrals.

Knowing what the client who has just taken delivery of their vehicle/moved into their new property, thinks about the service the Sales Executive provided throughout the transaction and at handover is crucial. This assists the Sales Executive in building their solid, satisfied client base and being on the right side of the 57 : 1 ratio.

Professional Sales Executives manage their relationships with their trusted client base with great care to see them through the troughs of the cyclical nature of the motor / property industry.

While building a solid client base is crucial, building solid relationships with well positioned companies in other industries is becoming increasingly important to ensure additional referrals that become part of the Sales Executive’s client base. An increase in referrals in turn leads to increased sales volume, increased repeat business and increased income for the Sales Executive.

“Word of mouth” advertising is possibly the most important marketing strategy ever!

Some of the best ways to ensure a steady stream of referrals and recommendations is to focus on the following:

  • make your client feel valued

    Professional Sales Executives know and understand their clients, their client’s preferences and what underlying values drive their client’s decision-making and buying behaviour. They then focus on delivering on these values.

    With minimal effort from you as a Sales Executive, CSE and partners assist in enhancing your client’s buying experience to being a truly memorable one.

  • say "thank you" in a special way

    Everybody can thank a client. The objective is to do this in a more personal way that sets you as a professional Sales Executive apart from your opposition. A thank you means a lot to people. They could have taken their business to anyone, but they selected you to do business with.

    When your thank you throughout the sales process, at delivery and afterwards sets you apart from your competition, you earn the trust of the client and they reciprocate with referrals and recommendations.

    CSE support Sales Executives and business owners by printing an individualized magazine for valued clients. The magazine is couriered to the client’s work address and the clients keep the magazines as coffee table magazines.

    You can write any message to your client, thanking him/her in person for their valued support.


There are currently 21 magazine options with an expansion planned for 2016 if more titles are requested.

The current magazine options are:

  • Bona
  • CAR
  • Cleo
  • Compleat Golfer
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Country Life
  • Essentials
  • Farmers Weekly
  • Food & Home
  • Game & Hunt
  • Garden & Home
  • Getaway
  • Leisure Wheels
  • Living & Loving
  • People
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Ride
  • Rooi Rose
  • Vroue Keur
  • Woman & Home
  • Your Family

CSE assist companies to do business – and as a result “earn” income for people struggling with Multiple Sclerosis disease

You will read in our media campaign that we prepare to launch in January 2016 (A document that CSE will print inside corporate room magazines, to be positioned inside accommodation companies) that CSE source leads for motor and property companies. The best and only way to earn income for patients is to do business!

Companies are not willing to donate large amounts towards non-profit organisations who constantly ask funds to help people in need. There are numerous organizations that need funding for their own courses and the current economy makes it difficult for companies to donate funds toward any organization.

CSE implements a business plan to raise R4.5 million per month to assist patients. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to raise R4.5 million on a monthly basis, to fund the physiotherapy treatment costs of the patients if we rely on the traditional way where the Home Care Foundation knock on company’s doors and ask for donations.

CSE can however do business and by increasing profits for companies, they are more willing to pay fees (donations) that the Home Care Foundation can use to subsidize physiotherapy costs.

You can read more about our fundraising strategy and targets as well as the media campaign under about.


CSE Focus mainly on 4 industries

CSE developed software that is offered to the following 4 industries and the software enable companies to support each other and increase business for each company:

  • Motor industry
  • Property industry
  • Restaurant industry
  • Accommodation industry
The software is supported by a centralized call centre structure where the call centre agents work for the companies in the four industries.

CSE implements business strategies whereby we work closer with the companies we partner with. If you want to increase your market share, by definition you take away a portion of your opposition’s business.

There is no marketing company that can help all the participants in an industry to increase their business. Companies compete against each other for the same client tells.

Companies also compete in general against other people offering the same services within a geographical area. It is only the motor industry that competes against companies nationally selling the same products. (They sell movable assists)


CSE therefore needs to plan effectively when we invite companies to partner with us, to ensure that we help our clients based on their geographical position and we don’t create competition amongst our client base.

There are also limitations regarding service delivery that play a role in companies. Example: A restaurant can only accommodate X number of guests per night, a guesthouse can only provide accommodation to Y number of guests per night.

Our objective is to help a small number of companies to get as close as possible to their business targets, without compromising on service experience their clients receive.

Almost 50% of our fundraising target is based on commission earnings that we intend to generate by supporting Sales Executives in the motor and property industries. We ask the public to help us by allowing motor Sales Executives the opportunity to offer quotations or allowing property Sales Executives the opportunity to market their homes.

The Sales Executives are supported by accommodation companies and restaurants to help them increase their individual sales. We implement two booking systems ( and that the public can use to support the accommodation and restaurant companies in return.

Each business partner needs to benefit financially in order for CSE to manage the fundraising activities successfully.

You can view the network of companies that joined CSE on the CSE Client network map


Motor industry

The motor industry is our main focus point. Almost 80% of vehicle buyers buy their vehicles from Sales Executives that they don’t personally know.

A vehicle is a “moveable asset” meaning you can buy your vehicle from any dealer nationally. You will obviously service the vehicle at the most convenient dealership. (Close to your home or work)

CSE implement strategies to help motor companies, that partner with us, increase quoting opportunities. The Home Care Foundation will receive between R500 and R1 000 per vehicle sold as a result of contact that our call centre agents were able to arrange. The media campaigns inform the public that the Call centre agents support the Sales Executives without any commission earnings on sales. The entire R500 or R1000 is utilized to fund the physiotherapy treatments of patients. The public should know that whether we arrange one deal or hundreds, the call centre agents won’t benefit financially. All we ask for is an opportunity to arrange a quotation, which is up to the client to accept.

CSE ensures that the vehicle buying experience should be of high standard. The motor industry could bring in a large percentage of our fundraising drive. The most important thing to know is that companies in the motor industry enables CSE to provide marketing & supporting services to the other partners in the network and to the Home Care Foundation.

People in the motor industry that needs more information can e-mail We are busy to implement web based software at motor companies strategically positioned to assist us with quotations.

There is also a seperate website that we supply to management of motor companies. The document explains in detail how CSE and partners can help the branches to increase market share, and to successfully reduce marketing costs. CSE will supply people who are not in direct competition with existing clients more information on request.


Property industry

CSE source leads to help estate agents for 7.5% portion of the agency’s commission on successful transactions. Although the number of leads will be small compared to the motor industry, the commission earnings will help the patients enormously.

Estate agents are dependent on people allowing them the opportunity to market their properties. (Mandate to sell a property on behalf of the property owner)

CSE implements business plans to help a small number of estate agents get access to stock (properties to sell). We focus on getting the estate agents to support the sellers early in the marketing process.

An estate agent can only provide exceptional service to property buyers if he/she has a large variety of properties to introduce them to. There is a saying the property industry: He/she who controls the stock, controls the area!

That is true; an estate agency can outsell its opposition with even less experienced agents, if the property principal can secure the correct mandates for his/her agents.

It doesn’t matter how much experience an estate agent has, or how nice he/she appears to be, if the agent doesn’t have a written mandate to market a specific property, then the agent can’t sell that property.

The 7.5% portion of the agency’s commission is about half of what estate agents currently pay one another for leads. (They work on average on a 20% referral commission structure)

There is a huge drive that CSE implements to help a small number of property principals to increase their sales. Property principals that want more information can e-mail CSE will supply people who are not in direct competition with existing clients more information on request.


Accommodation industry

Accommodation companies are viewed as strategic partners and CSE will do everything possible to help partners increase their room bookings.

We are currently busy setting up the accommodation industry network. Accommodation business owners who want to read more about our project plan can visit

The website explains our strategy to help less than 30% of the accommodation companies to increase room bookings.

It is possible with well-planned strategies to succeed, even in our current economic climate. CSE provides unique services to different companies, and our support structure is limited due to the technical challenges we have to manage in our project plan.


Restaurant industry

The Restaurant industry is our third largest focus point. CSE developed a booking system called that enables people to book tables at top restaurants for a R10 donation per table booking. (Our research showed huge interest from restaurant partners. It is a low-cost structure to get high LSM income people into their restaurants)

R10 may seem like it is almost nothing! But keep in mind that large volumes of bookings all add up to our monthly target. You can read on the booking system about all our strategies to increase table bookings for restaurant partners.

The restaurant booking system is also available for our guesthouse owners to help their clients. Business people often have business meetings and it will be possible to provide a service where the guesthouse owner can do a table reservation for his/her corporate clients. The client will then receive a free cappuccino on behalf of the guesthouse. (Sponsored by the restaurant partner)

Restaurant companies can visit for more detail about out support strategies to help increase table bookings. The official marketing towards restaurant partners is scheduled for October 2015 onwards, to be ready for support from the public by January 2016 onwards.


Technical challenges limit our service offerings

CSE manage the following 4 focus points in the project:

  • Specialized magazine technology

    The specialized magazine technology is used to support companies in three industries, namely motor, property and the accommodation industry.

    The magazine technology enables us to make a client feel valued and we also use the magazine technology for media campaigns.

    The magazine technology (although advanced) requires a large amount of human resources and this actually limits our service offerings to companies.

    To truly understand why CSE can only help a small number of companies, you need to read the section regarding our magazine technology.

  • booking system is web-based software and there are no production or support limitations. Our intention is to introduce the booking site to thousands of South Africans and it is actually to the Home Care Foundation’s advantage and to the restaurant partner’s advantage if the public support this booking system.

  • booking system booking system is also web-based software with no production and support limitations.

  • Call/support centre that provide services to all four industry partners

    CSE employs call centre agents on behalf of all the companies in the four focus industries. The call centre agents are tasked to provide a supporting service between the companies and the public.

    The call centre agents will forward vehicle and property leads to Sales Executives and they will also help people that need support on the two booking sites ( and

    The call centre will also inform strategic personnel in companies about the booking site. This site will most likely be used by more people as restaurants are visited more often.

    The booking system enables CSE to market and the Sales Executives in the motor and property industries.

Each company’s marketing support plan is discussed in detail on the specific websites or on the documentation that CSE supply on request.

There are unfortunately production limitations. CSE would have loved to support as many companies as possible, but we need to find the correct balance between supporting companies to their advantage, and securing enough funds to help subsidize the patients’ costs.

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